This might be ok in some creative work places, for example distressed or ripped denim or whatever is all over the shops at the moment and looks great in a casual setting.
If you’re working for a funky young agency, you may even be encouraged to dress more “on trend” than if you work for a corporate accountant. Jeans are however very easy to smarten up with a shirt or a blazer - nothing beats mixing smart and casual pieces if you work in an office relaxed enough.
But if you’re client facing or corporate, if you are to wear denim, they should be whole and clean. And fit well. Common sense for most but trends and fads somehow tend to make faux pas like this pretty common in the office.
There are also so many other options to jeans if you're not corporate enough or fancy wearing suit trousers. Culottes are still everywhere and smarter more fun alternatives to jeans are no longer difficult to find. 
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And for more ideas on how to smarten up jeans in the office or find alternatives to wear, have a look here.

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