Our Story

In the past, I've found that it was a bloody hassle dressing for work. Sometimes, you really want someone's opinion on what you should be wearing to your client meeting or what’s acceptable for an interview. You want to make sure you look, feel and do your best! What you wear matters (yes ot does!), it can make you feel like a million dollars and get yo to ace your appraisal and kick ass in that sales pitch. At the same time, you want your clothes to feel comfortable and stylish enough to wear the same outfit to the pub to get drunk or to a fancy restaurant after work with your partner or Tinder date.

We love beautiful clothes. We love that wearing the right outfit can make us feel badass. Most of all, we love being able to find that gem of an outfit without spending hours trawling through images of clothes that all look the same.

No Ordinary Suit selects the best workwear through a network of designers we believe have something extra. We love the plain simplicity of a work wardrobe but with something interesting about it, like a twist, detail or fit. 

Most of our designers are from Scandinavia, purely based on how Scandi fashion stands out by being minimal with that twist. Quirky yet wearable and clever in the details. 

And another thing:

Injustices makes us pretty damn pissed off. We believe in equal rights and that everyone should have a voice. Therefore, we decided that from day one, we wanted to be part of something bigger than ourselves. £1 from each item sold on noordinarysuit.com goes to Womankind, a charity working tirelessly towards a better and fairer existence for women and girls all over the world.

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