We love our friends at Copenhagen Fashion Summit, they fight for sustainability within the fashion industry, something that we are also passionate about. They really know their stuff so we have asked for a few pointers on how all of us can treat our garments in a way that is as gentle to the environment as possible. The last point is a bit unconventional for an online retailer to promote but we are not fans of fast fashion so this is a valid point for us too:

  • Switching from 60 to 40 degrees when washing saves 41% of the energy used.
  • Do not machine wash your clothes to often. It is better for both your clothes and the environment if you remove stains manually and air the clothes outside if it needs freshen up.
  • Donate to charity or host a swishing party. As much as 95% of the clothes we throw away could have been re worn or recycled.
  • When shopping look for certifications such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex, BSCI and Fairtrade to avoid harmful chemicals and ensure that the clothes have been produced under proper conditions.
  • Examine concepts such as clothes swapping and rental, and check out which shops have textile collecting, repair service etc. as they may be interesting for you.
  • 30% of our wardrobe has not been used within the last year, so consider any new purchases carefully to avoid it ending up in the same pile as the other 30%.
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